English Proverbs – A stitch in time saves nine

Proverb Expansion

Timely action is a very important thing in life. The proverb emphasises the importance of timely action. An action, however small it may be, if done at the right time, will help to avoid serious and dangerous situation. If we repair a small tear on our shirt now, we can avoid the necessity of mending a large tear or even discarding the shirt altogether. A small piece of work done at the proper time may save a lot of time, work and money later. A wall must be repaired as soon as a crack is seen, or the whole building would fall. Repair the hole in the boat when it is seen or the boat would sink. A little cough is nothing. But if it is neglected, it might develop into serious diseases like tuberculosis. Had timely action been taken, great wars would not have taken place. In the absence of it, terrific destruction took place in the world. When there is an unpleasant situation, we would attend to it immediately. Otherwise, it will get out of control. A slight disagreement between two parties may later on develop into a serious one. By getting the dispute settled all of a sudden, we can avoid serious complications. The proverb emphasises that we must never postpone things. We must rise to the occasion and act at the right moment.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – A stitch in time saves nine

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