English Proverbs – Action speaks louder than words

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The real worth of an individual depends on the quality of the work that is done by him. This is true of an institution or a nation. Life is full of problems. In order to solve them, one must stop unnecessary preaching and should resort to practical action. A person must be a man of action to succeed in life. The great men of the world were men of action. They did not waste their precious time in giving long preaching and advice. Instead, they practised what their conscience had directed them to do and thus become models for others. They preached only what they could practise. Many people are generous and clever in offering promises and in giving advice. But they fail to fulfil and practise them. The greatest talkers are everywhere the least doers. Social reformers and political leaders talk endlessly on principles. But they themselves don’t set an example. A person should be extremely honest to set himself as an example before he begins to advice others. Great men like Gandhiji have proved it in their lives that action is more important than words. It is easy to talk and preach. But fruitful action is a difficult thing. A person’s fame and name depend on the good deeds that he has done during his life time.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – Action speaks louder than words

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