English Proverbs – All lay load on a willing horse

Proverb Expansion

The proverb warns us against exploiting sincere and co-operative people. Man used horses to carry loads in ancient times. Some horses may be unmanageable or stubborn and they do not allow their masters to load them heavily. But some other horses can be easily controlled and they are gentle. The owners load the gentle horses heavily. Those animals bear the load without any complaint. So their owners use them for hard work always. A sincere, hardworking and co-operative person is referred to as a willing horse. He does any work that is given to him without any complaint. So he is often chosen by others to do all the unpleasant and hard work. In the office he is over burdened by his boss. In the school he is overloaded by his Principal. In the factory he is exploited by his master. A stubborn and lazy person will not do such work and he cannot be asked to do such work by his superiors. So a serviceable person is always exploited by others. He is duty bound and sincere. So he does not refuse to do the work assigned to him. He works silently and his silence is indecently exploited by his lazy co-workers and employers. So they remain overburdened as all lay loads on a willing horse.

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