English Proverbs – All that glitters is not gold

Proverb Expansion

Gold is bright and it glitters. However, all articles that are bright and that glitter may not be made of gold. Imitation ornaments look golden in colour, but they are not really made of gold. Outward appearances are often deceptive. We should take care to find out the reality behind the appearances. We should not be misled by appearances. This is true if human beings also. A man, who lives in bungalow, wears expensive dress and moves about in a car may not be really rich. He might have incurred heavy debits. There are certain persons who are very attractive in appearance and behaviour, but they may not good at heart. If we judge them by their handsome faces and dresses, we are deceived. We are often misled by such people. So we should not led by external appearances and quantity. We should prefer quality to quantity and appearance. When we choose our friends or anything else in our lives, we should give more importance to quality than to appearance. In our modern world we have to be very keen and sharp in order not to be cheated by imitations and appearances. In determining the real value of a thing or a person, we should always probe deeper.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – All that glitters is not gold

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