Proverb Expansion


Long back convent school teacher became lecture in a prestigious college. He would unprepared and would relate many things in the class that had nothing to do with the course. Tired of him students started calling him ‘Ghantoo’. One day hollow bell was drawn on the blackboard. The young teacher reported the manner to the Principal, an Englishman. He called the two students who were considered responsible for the mischief. The Principal asked them what is meant by ‘Ghantoo’. They knew they were to be rusticated. So one of them said, ‘sir, is a big hollow thing that makes much noise’. The Principal sent them out and told the teacher that his students were quite witty. The lecture remained unpopular throughout his career.

A learned man filled with knowledge to the brim would always talk sensible things. He has not to show himself off. To deliver even one lecture he would fill his mental cup to the brim. What he speaks is not mere noise but a flow of genuine things. A serious businessman does not waste his energy in useless talks. A bureaucrat, sincere to his job is so busy that even his seniors respect him. But pretty shopkeeper or a very junior member of the staff may have the tendency to talk too much to prove his sincerity. They are just like a jug with few pebbles. It only makes noise but it of no use to anyone. It is only a shallow man who would directly or indirectly try to praise himself. If one has a depth of knowledge, sincerity and concentration one has not to resort to such tactics. One who talks too much talks nonsense and is hollow like a vessel that makes much noise.