English Proverbs – An idle brain is the devil’s workshop

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Man’s brain is a workshop. The wonderful inventions which we enjoy today are all made by the brains of men.  Man can create anything constructive as well as destructive using his brain. When a person is busy with some work, he has no time to think of doing anything harmful to others. The person who has nothing to do and whose mind is idle may think of evils things. Idling is dangerous. When we have nothing to do, our minds turn into evil thoughts. Thoughts breed words and words lead to action. An idle man tries to put into practice his evil thoughts and this will cause disorder in the society. A person whose mind is devoid of noble ideas is full of evil thoughts. Only destructive ideas will form in his mind. Keeping the mind idle is dangerous for the person and the society. That is why it is said that an idle man’s mind is the devil’s workshop. The only remedy for this is to be engaged in some useful activity. People who have no work to do should try to find out ways and means to do something useful to others. The youngsters of today go astray because they do not try to do anything constructive. Their minds are preoccupied with harmful thoughts. If they are not given the right directions, they may become terrorists, looters and murderers. So it is always better to engage oneself in a useful activity.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – An idle brain is the devil

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