English Proverbs – As you sow, so shall you reap

Proverb Expansion

The proverb means that we have to bear the consequences of our own actions. If our actions are good, the results will also be good. If we help others, we will be helped by them. If our actions are bad, the results will also be bad. Id we sow hatred and disunity, we will be hated. One is punished or rewarded according to his own just or unjust deeds. So we have to be careful in our actions, a farmer who sows good seeds in the proper way good soil can expect a good crop. One who sows inferior seeds on unprepared ground will not have anything to harvest. This is true of all our words and actions. Kind words spoken to others will bring us kind words from many. When we do evil things, we can expect only evil as reward. Our joy multiplies when our good deeds bring good results. A hardworking person will attain success in life. A lazy man will get only failures. If students study well, they will get high marks and will secure a high position in life. If they are lazy and do not work hard, they will have to face failure not only in the examinations but also in life. Thus we know that all human achievements are the fruits of pains and sufferings. A bad seed cannot produce a good fruit. If we want a good fruit, we should sow a good seed. Thus the proverb gives us the warning that we should be very careful in our actions.

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