English Proverbs – Barking dogs seldom bite

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Barking dogs seldom bite because they merely make much noise. They lack courage and they only try to frighten people away by their bark. But there are dogs that do not bark too much. They are sure to bite us. There are people who talk too much without meaning anything serious. They go about boasting about themselves. They also utter big threats, but are incapable of putting them into practice. Those who go about boasting are only anxious to keep up a false image of themselves in front of others. They are weak, not courageous. They are aware of their weakness and are trying to deceive themselves and others by making a false show of strength. We need not take such people seriously. People who talk less are to be watched and taken seriously. They behave with humility. They do not waste their time in unnecessary talks and believe more in practice. People who talk less are great doers while those who talk too much are like barking dogs. Dogs of good breed seldom bark, but can attack others skilfully. In the same way, people who talk less and boast less can do noble deeds.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – Barking dogs seldom bite

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