English Proverbs – Blood is thicker than water

Proverb Expansion

Blood relationship lasts forever. This is the message conveyed by the proverb. In this proverb, blood means kinship and water means friendship or acquaintance. Blood is thicker and more endurable than water. The mark made by blood cannot be erased easily. But water does not leave any lasting mark where it falls. Blood relationship is always stronger and lasting. This relationship is formed on the basis of strong love and affection. Of course, there are good and sincere friends ready for help. But it is a fact that they act within their limits. They cannot help us when they too are in trouble. They may give greater attention to their blood relations. It is natural and they cannot be blamed for it. By blood relatives, we mean father, mother, brother and sister. They are ready to sacrifice their comforts and interests to help us. They will be with us in our need. So we must give more values to blood ties. The most unselfish service is got from our blood relatives. So blood relations are strong and last longer.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – Blood is thicker than water

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