Proverb Expansion


To give sermons is an easy job. Teachers, parents, religious preachers all have been advising people to be moral and truthful. The new generation of politicians would ask people to make people literate, to make sacrifices for the motherland, to devote time for social work and to strengthen the society. Who would listen to the advice of these people who do not do anything themselves. They, who look after their own comforts and do everything for themselves alone, have no right to ask others to make sacrifices, the professionals who loot the poor, the teacher who have turned education into a trade, the parents who amass wealth and the politicians who pocket national wealth through evil means have no conscience.

People like Mahatma Gandhi, B.R.Ambedkar, Rajagopalachari, Subhash Chandra Bose, Vivekananda, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Satya Murthi and Lal Bahadur Shastri sacrificed their whole lives for the cause of the people. They placed an example of devotion before people. They did never preach that charity begins at home. They placed their own example before the nation. They had a large following and are respected by the people even today. The old Rishi, Buddha and Jesus gave sermons only after they had sacrificed all the comforts themselves. The Jain Thirthankers sacrificed all they had for the poor. Gautama Buddha left his throne. It is only then they inspired the people to follow the path of charity. They just proved that charity begins at home.