English Proverbs – Coming events cast their shadow before

Proverb Expansion

The proverb means that events good or evil that are going to happen give us certain signs before they occur, in ancient days, people interpreted good and bad omens as the harbingers events which would be taking place soon. They regarded certain unnatural happenings as the signs of certain calamities which were about to happen. They predicted the events on the basis of omens. In the play ‘Julius Caesar’, it is said that several evil omens were witnessed on the eve of the assassination of Julius Caesar. It is said that it rained blood in the Capitol, ghosts walked along the streets of Rome and an owl was seen sitting in the market place during any time, we can use this proverb to express the idea that some evils that are likely to occur are foreshadowed by some evil omens. Both wild and domestic animals have the ability to detect certain signs of nature’s changes. They make some peculiar sounds and warn man and the other animals. The occurrence of a storm can be predicted by certain signs. Thus the proverb means that the events that are to take place make themselves known to us by certain signs and symptoms.

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