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The statement reflects the longing of all persons for their native land, the native place or land is very precious to any person. A person’s close relatives and friends are in his native place. He is known and loved in his native place. Wherever he is, he longs to return to his native place to enjoy peace, love and friendship. People go to different corners of the earth in search of work and thus to earn a living. There, they are in the midst of strangers. Everything there is different from what they have lived with before. It is not easy to be comfortable and happy in such a situation. On all such occasions, they desire intensely to return to their homeland and to be one with their own people and to breathe the native air. They then realize how precious their native land is. The East including India was famous for its wealth, culture and civilization at a time. Then there was a flow of people from the West to the East. Today people from the east migrate to the western countries for better prospects. In spite of the comforts they enjoy in the new places, they are always haunted by the thoughts about their native land. The Jews lost their homeland after the Babylonian attack. They migrated to different parts of the world. But they always yearned to return to their promised land. This was fulfilled after the formation of Israel.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – East or west home is the best

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