English Proverbs – Empty vessels make the most sound

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Empty vessels make a loud sound when struck with something. But filled vessels do not make much sound. The proverb has a hidden level of meaning. There are people around us who are like empty vessels or like filled vessels. Empty vessels refer to empty headed people who are the most talkative and noisy. These people go on speaking continuously, but their speeches are meaningless. They boast that they can do this and that. Such people are not to be taken seriously. They talk much and are short of action. Filled vessels refer to people who talk less and do more. Every word uttered by them will be meaningful and so they have to be taken seriously. They talk sensibly and their words carry weight. They won’t boast, but are capable of doing everything that they say. They talk only when it is necessary. These people believe more in action than in words. Serious people do not preach. A man who has only a little knowledge boasts that he is a scholar whereas a really profound scholar would not boast of his scholarship. His scholarship is made known to others through his sensible words and good deeds. So it is said that empty vessels make the most sound.

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