Proverb Expansion

Life is full of opportunities for success. A person is free to choose any field of activity according to his liking and interest. The wise man chooses only one activity at a time. He devotes his whole energy in that field and succeeds ultimately. But there are people who are eager to get fame and name in different field at the same time. They think that they have the capacity to attain success in different occupations at the same time. They are like the person who tries to catches to hares and gets none. It is true that if one tries to chase two hares at a time, he cannot catch either of them. This is true of people who try to run after many projects and want to fulfill their different goals at a time. We have many opportunities for success in future. We should choose only one field of activity at a time. We should then devote ourselves fully to that field with confidence and concentration. A person who concentrates on different occupations or studies spoils his life because he cannot achieve success in any field. The person who pays his full devotion and concentration to one task at a time gets fame and name. If a student tries to become scholar and a sportsman at the same time, he may not be able to do justice either in studies or in sports. Distracted attention and divided efforts do not bring good results.