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The proverb stresses the importance of forgiveness. It tells us that if a person wants to take revenge upon another person, he should forgive him because forgiveness is the best form of taking revenge. When someone harms us, it is natural that we want to take revenge upon him. When we take revenge upon him, we harm him in a more severe manner than he has harmed us. In other words, we are in a way doing more harm to him. On the other hand, if we have the good intention to pardon the wrong-doer, the latter is put to shame. The wrong-doer suffers from a sort of humiliation when we forgive him. This is clear from the story of ‘The Bishop and the Convict”. The Bishop provided the convict with food and shelter. But the convict stole all the silver from the Bishop. He was caught and brought to the Bishop. The Bishop understood why the poor convict and done such a thing. He pardoned him and instead of taking revenge. The convict felt humiliated and he promised that he would never steal. It is divine to forgive. When we forgive a person who has harmed us, we defeat the evil in him. This will be an eye-opener for the wrong-doer and he will never try to harm others later. Our act of forgiveness purifies his heart and he can never go wrong. It is easy to take revenge and punish others. But it needs a broad heart to forgive others. So it is divine to forgive.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – Forgiveness is the best revenge

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