English Proverbs – Friendship is seldom lasting but between equals

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All of us like to have good friends. A true friend helps us in our difficulty. But true friendship can last only between equals. Usually a person cultivates friendship with another person of the same status, profession, wealth, interest and aptitude. It is not possible to cultivate a true friendship between a scientist and a farmer. A friendship between a rich and a poor man will not last. It is because friendship can last only if there is mutual help-help in thinking, ideas and financial and intellectual help. Friendship demands mutual understandings and mutual adjustments. There is a policy of give and take in friendship. If there is inequality with regard to profession, wealth, status or intelligence, adjustment is not possible. Individual contributions will not be equal too. Inequality gives rise to inferiority and superiority complexes and this is not a good condition for friendship to last. If there is inequality, it creates suspicion in the mind of one person about the motives of his friend. Man is by nature selfish. Friendship is the result of the reconciliation of the interests of the two. Friendship is a continuous process to be renewed often and this renewal is possible only if there is mutual understanding and mutual help between the two. Only equals can keep it alive.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – Friendship is seldom lasting but between equals

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