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Nothing can be achieved in life by sitting still. If one wants to achieve anything in life, he has to strive for it. There are people who believe that if they pray to God, everything will be given to them. But we must remember that without steady hard work, prayer is ineffective. God will help only those who are willing to help themselves. When we get into a dangerous situation and do nothing to come out of it, believing that God will help us to come out of it, we are mistaken. Some people believe in fate. They believe that what a person is destined to get, he will always get, whether he works for it or not. But achievements in life depend on our hard work. Gandhiji had strong faith in God. Still he worked hard throughout his life. God has given us certain abilities and talents. We should make use of them. If we remain lazy, without making the proper efforts, we will not succeed in life. Even God will not help us. If we do not work hard, we have no right to pray to God for help. Try our best and leave the rest to God. Success often comes to those who work hard with determination and confidence. Lets us not forget that honest hard work never goes unrewarded.

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