English Proverbs – Good words cost nothing but are worth much

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The proverb stresses the importance of saying good words which cost us nothing, but may be of help to others. We can help others in many ways. We can give financial help to others; help others to do their work, and so on. But we can also help others through our good words. It costs us nothing but only our good will and sincerity. A word of encouragement, a word of sympathy or even a word of advice will be of great help. It may do more good than a financial help. Our good words are of great value to others. Many people have profited from the words of encouragement someone has said. If a teacher encourages a student who solves a mathematical problem in a different way, it may inspire that student to become a mathematician later on. A person who is in utter misery may find great relief when someone tells him a word of sympathy. Our good words about a person may inspire him to attain greater heights in life. As good words are worth a lot, bad words can harm and destroy others. Wounds may heal. But the wounds made by bad words will not heal. If our good words cost us nothing and at the same time are of great help to others, we should not be miserly in speaking them.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – Good words cost nothing but are worth much

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