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Any hasty or thoughtless action will lead to ruin. Hurry leads to waste. Haste is neither desirable nor advisable. No progress is possible for a hasty person. Before a person undertakes an activity, he has to think twice. He should try to analyse how that action can be implemented and also foresee its consequences. When he undertakes the action after proper thought and care, he is likely to succeed. If a person wants to start a business, he should think twice. He should have a detailed plan about the business which he is going to undertake. If he invests his money hastily, it will be wasted. In hate, one loses direction and sense of thinking and usually makes mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes may be so serious that they cannot be corrected. They hasty action is dangerous to the doer and harmful to the others. A good architect gives enough time for the previous supporting layer to set, before he lays the next layer when constructing a building. If this is done in haste before the supporting bottom layer has set, both will collapse. All the money invested and labour go waste. It will also cause destruction to life and property. Thus the proverb cautions us against hasty and reckless acts.

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