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Health is greater than wealth. If man is not healthy, he can never be happy however rich he may be. Though a man is poor, he can be happy if he is fully healthy. Real wealth is health. One may be very rich. But if he doesn’t keep good health, his money is of no use to him. He cannot enjoy anything in life though he can buy all the pleasures of life using his money. An unhealthy rich man will have to spend his life in agony and misery even if he has all the facilities of life. He has to suffer from the pain of his disease and also from the mental agony of facing death. But if a man healthy, even if he has no wealth, he can be happy. He can work and earn his livelihood. He has no physical pain or mental agony. He can lead a contented life with what he has. He is freed from the worries of life and can enjoy life. Health increases efficiency. A healthy man is a good worker. The company of a healthy man is very pleasing. An unhealthy man is a burden to himself and to the society. His life is miserable. A healthy man has self-confidence and will power. He will be able to overcome any problems in life. The prosperity of a nation also depends upon the health of the people. So health is better than wealth. Health can make a man wealthy.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – Health is better than wealth

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