English Proverbs – HEALTH IS WEALTH

Proverb Expansion


A healthy mind lives in healthier body. Mind is rather the battery of the physical mechanism of human beings. It decides all the activities of man good or bad. But it requires a healthy abode. It is only then that fortune smiles at man and fills his coffers with wealth material or spiritual.

There is a saying in Ayurveda ‘Sharir madhyam khalu dharma sadhayeta’ that is it is although his body that man performs all his rightful duties. He can do it only when the body remains in a perfect healthy state. Thus to him health is the real wealth. He can achieve anything.

A healthy sportsman can move towards a gold medal in the Olympic. A healthy wrestler gains prominence. A healthy businessman sees his business flourish. A healthy student has a sway over his friends and tops in the skill he likes.

An unhealthy man loses all that he possesses. He face a battery of greedy physicians who may be having an eye more on his pocket than on his well being. An unhealthy man grows desperate the mind too grows sick and he is in the jaws of paralytic attack both materially and mentally. Death alone bring solace to him make him free from frustrations. A healthy man has a rich orchard of the fruits of hope, peace, satisfaction, and prominence the real wealth.