Proverb Expansion

Honesty means to be truthful and policy means the course of action to be adopted by a man. The proverb means that a person should be honest and sincere in his dealings with others. In other words, honesty is the best course of conduct. An honest man is the emdodiment of many virtues. He is respected and appreciated by others. Even if honesty brings him loss or suffering, an honest man feels he must be honest because it is right to be honest and wrong to be dishonest. Honesty does pay in the long run. A business man is straightforward in his dealings with the public and gives quality goods at fair prices will establish a good reputation. Though he may not make a fortune, he will have a sound and satisfactory business. On the other hand, quick success is often due to dishonest practices. But it is only temporary. The advantages gained by dishonest policies may bring trouble in future. Besides, one has to be more and more dishonest in order to continue in that line of action. One has to face some obstacles in the beginning when he follows an honest course of action. Its advantages are permanent and rewarding. When one begins to believe that truth and righteousness are far more important than wealth and rank and prosperity, honesty becomes his best policy.