Proverb Expansion

Life is not a bed of roses. It is in fact a bed of thorns. Life is full of sorrows and difficulties and sometimes it is brightened by joys. Every day and every time, we have to face hardships and struggle against problems. When we have to face obstacles often, we may not develop a healthy attitude towards life. We may become pessimistic. But we have to exist by fighting against the obstacles in life. So we must forget the harsh realities of life for some time and look for something which will help us to live. Humor provides us with ability to look at differently. Humor is the salt of life. It gives us strength to suffer pain and face hardships. When life becomes unbearable, humor provides us with strength to live. It lightens the burden of life. Humor is the instinct which enables great men to take the pains lightly and smilingly and march along the road to success. The ability to enjoy humor is a natural gift. If we possess the quality of taking pains humorously, the pain is not seriously felt and we can march to our goal easily.