English Proverbs – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

Proverb Expansion

Real knowledge gives man some power and real power comes from knowledge. Both power and knowledge are complementary to each other. Knowledge without power and power without knowledge are practically ineffective. To use power properly, knowledge is required. Man is the crown of creation because he possesses intelligence. Using intelligence, he acquires knowledge which helps him to control all forces of nature. In olden days, man was powerless against the forces of nature. That was because his knowledge was limited. When knowledge increased, man conquered his fears of nature and diseases and this added to his comfort, happiness and well-being. Knowledge gives man power while ignorance makes him weak. It is not physical strength that rules the world, but intelligence. Knowledge gained by man enabled him to conquer space and nature. The explosion of scientific knowledge led to invention of ships and planes which in turn helped him to conquer space and time. Man has even split the atom and realized the tremendous energy contained in it, which this can be used either for peaceful or destructive purposes. He has acquired this power on account of knowledge. As knowledge increases, power also increases. A workman, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or a ruler without proper knowledge cannot be powerful or effective. So, as Bacon says, “knowledge is power”.