English Proverbs – LAUGH AND BE FAT

Proverb Expansion

The message of the proverb is to be cheerful and be healthy. A smiling man is a healthy man. Smile and laughter are the results of inner happiness. When we attach too much importance to anything in life, it brings only misery. The best thing is to take everything lightly and keep laughing even in the teeth of difficulties are not end of life can have internal happiness and can laugh. Happiness is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with a person’s status in life. Both the rich and the poor can be happy depending on their attitude towards life. Even a beggar can be happy in his miserable life. Even the most unfortunate person can go through the difficulties of life with smile and laughter, without feeling the weight of his misfortunes. He lives in the present and forgets the past and does not worry about the future. He tries to get maximum pleasure from the present moment even in the midst of difficulties. It gives him strength to travel along the road of life. He laughs and lives a healthy life.