Proverb Expansion

A child first learns to crawl, then to stand, then to walk, and then to run. It is true that it cannot run before it learns to walk. Nobody can run before he has learned to walk. A child learns to stand up before it walks. It slowly learns to walk. It is only after acquiring the ability to walk speedily that it begins to run. In the same way, learning a new skill and acquiring a new knowledge is a gradual process. We need much patience and constant efforts to master a skill or acquire knowledge. It is only after learning the alphabet gradually that one begins to learn to read. One who hasn’t learnt the alphabet cannot read and write properly.  Similarly, a person who is studying classical music cannot conduct a concern after one month of training. He has to undergo through training in music for years to conduct musical concert. Perfection in any field is attained by slow degrees. Hard work and constant effort are needed to attain perfection. Patience and perseverance are needed for every great enterprise. We cannot reach the highest rung of a ladder without first climbing the lower most. No great scholar, author, athlete or statesman has ever achieved success overnight.