Proverb Expansion

To mend means to repair. Bad words exchanged between two persons are the main reason for quarrels, fight and misunderstandings. When the quarrel flares up and one of the person’s rages may subside. Thus reconciliation between the two is easy. If the other person also decides to keep quiet, then the quarrel will be mended easily. If both the persons go on arguing, the quarrel becomes worse. It is impossible to mend such quarrel. Only when two hands clap, there is sound.  Long discussions and arguments will not settle misunderstandings. So it is better to say less to solve a quarrel or mend a misdeed. The word mend is used here in the sense of undoing a misdeed. If we want to make repayment for a misdeed, it is better not to say much about it. When we try to apologized or explain more, the other party will be also begin to do the same. This will only make the situation worse. The less we say about it, the more is our chance of getting it amended. To rectify a misunderstanding or heal a quarrel, the best method is to stop discussing the matter too much.