English Proverbs – LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP

Proverb Expansion

Life is full of pitfalls. So it is necessary to be always slow and careful in our actions. The proverb says that before we do any activity, we should be aware of its consequences, both good and bad. If we proceed in this manner, we can avoid the disasters and dangers that happen in our lives. Once a deed is done, it cannot be undone. Therefore, nothing should be done rashly and impulsively. Imagine that we want to jump across a pit. We should first see how deep and wide it is. If it is dangerously wide and deep, we shouldn’t jump across it. Similarly, if we want to jump over a wall, we want assess its height before we jump. It would be good if we also see whether the ground on the other side of the wall is safe or not. If we jump hastily without thought, we may fall and break our neck and legs. Whatever be the nature of the act, haste and carelessness bring about disaster. Carefulness will help us to gain many things while carelessness can cost us a lot. The fund of the human energy is limited. It is to be used economically and should not be squandered away. It can be most effectively used only when we apply cool judgment and calculation in undertaking a deed. An action following proper thought seldom fails. So we must think twice before we act.