Proverb Expansion


Success bows to a man who takes advantage of an opportunity as soon as it comes in his life. a student gets an opportunity to acquire knowledge during his academic career. If he does not avail of this opportunity he may not be successful in any field in his life.

There is demand for a particular commodity in the market. A good businessman would not lose the opportunity of marketing it. An industrialist looks to the needs of the people. He peeps into the future. He manages the infrastructure and government sanctions and would start manufacturing the commodities that fetch ready market.

Festivals arrive. They have their own importance. During Xmas cake is the craze of the people. During Diwali people go for different sweets, balloons and crackers. During Ramzan the faithful have a liking for dates while Eid is known for Semai. The bakery, the halwai, the fruit seller and the manufactures of fireworks do not lose the opportunity of preparing and marketing the commodities required in the festive season.

Even an ant collects food before the rains start. There is season for all. There are moments when you can take advantages by using your skills. The sun of life shines during our youth when we can learn, acquire and find new things. Let us not miss this opportunity in wasting time and energy. By missing this golden opportunity we may lose the resources forever.