Proverb Expansion

All of us have work to do. There are several factors to be considered before we begin in a piece of work. The time we choose must be suited for the work. Farmers are very happy when the sun is shining brightly. If a farmer misses the chance by sitting idle, he may never again get the sunshine to dry his hay. If the sky is clear and the sun is shining, he must not postpone the business of making hay to the next day.  The metaphorical meaning of the proverb is that we should make use of a favourable opportunity as and when get it. An opportunity once lost it lost forever. We can save a lot of time and labour if we make use of opportunities when they arise. We know that whatever we achieve in life is achieved only through hard and steady work at the proper time. Chances do not wait for any one. Many students weep over their lost chances at the time of the examination, after having idled away their precious time.  A shrewd businessman tries to sell the maximum goods when there is great demand. An efficient industrialist produces more goods according to the demand in the market. Hence, we have to be vigilant and watchful. Golden opportunities seldom come. When they come, be prepared to make use of them today and don’t postpone them for tomorrow.