Proverb Expansion

Money is one of the most essential things that man requires. Most of his needs are fulfilled by means of money. Money is a great blessing if properly handled. We must never forget that money is only a means and not an end in itself. One who loves money tries to accumulate more and more of it. A person who has a lot of money goes after luxuries. This love develops into a sort of infatuation and one may do even the cruelest thing for getting money. Some people think that the be-all and the end-all of life are making money. Such people become so greedy that they will do anything to make money. The love of money prompts men even to kill their own friends, hate their own kith and kin and do a lot of nasty things. It is the desire for money that makes man commit thefts and even murders. The same desire is responsible for profiteering, black-marketing, gambling, speculation, cut-throat competition, and dishonesty of all kinds. Love of money will give little place to moral and spiritual values. When a person becomes too much money-minded, he loses his balance of devoid of sympathetic outlook towards his fellow beings. Hence money is the root of all evil.