Proverb Expansion

Necessity is a compelling force which makes man does something to fulfill his needs. When a person is in dire need of a thing, he tries to get it by hook or by crook, without paying attention to rules. Necessity may even force a man to indulge in criminal deeds. He may commit a criminal deed not deliberately, but to help himself to overcome a situation. That is why it is said that necessity knows no law.  A hungry man may even go to the extent of killing another person to steal the food from him. His intense desire for existence forces him to get food by fair and foul means. A man in need does not think of the rules and regulations of the society. His only desire is to get the thing by fair or foul means to meet his dire need. He does it for the existence. Even if he breaks the rule in this connection, his punishment will not be severe. This truth is recognized even by law.  If a crime is committed under compelling circumstances, the criminal is not punished as severely as he would otherwise be punished. Man’s instinct for survival is a far more potent force than law. He may sometimes have to break the law to exist. But there is another side to this proverb. Some people have the moral and spiritual strength to overcome the pressure of necessity. They sacrifice all their comforts for a greater purpose. Such people do not believe in committing a crime even for survival.