English Proverbs – NO PAINS, NO GAINS

Proverb Expansion

The proverb means that we cannot achieve success in life without effort and sacrifice. Success can be won only at the cost of hard work. In other words, nothing can be achieved by sitting still. It is very essential to have an ambition in our lives. But just having an ambition is not enough. A person should also work hard to achieve his ambition. Only by shedding sweat, can one attain success in life. The lives of great men reveal that no one can achieve greatness overnight without necessary effort. There is no doubt that if a person makes vigorous and adequate efforts, he is sure to achieve his aim in life sooner or later. Those who neglect hard work and effort earn nothing. The great men of the world were ready to do hard work and were prepared to undergo suffering. They are held in high esteem today. A student can never become scholar unless he works hard, denies himself ease and pleasure, and devotes himself to books. No idler has ever achieved fame as a scholar. In business, success certainly depends very largely on hard work –on taking pains. The men who have made fortunes have all been hard workers. This is true of character-building also. A fine, noble character is as a rule the result of effort and struggle. To conclude, if we try our best in any field, we will surely succeed.