Proverb Expansion

‘Nothing succeeds like success’ means that one success leads to another success. One has to struggle hard to achieve success. But once it is achieved, it will be followed by success in other cases too. Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. Success is followed by success and failure is followed by failure. This is true in most cases. A cine artist may not be able to gain popularity with his first film. But once one of his films happens to be hit, he gains much popularity. This popularity makes the people see his next film and it will turn out to be a hit, too. Thus success in one film leads to success in another. This is true of failure also. If the film of a popular cine artist happens to be flop, the succeeding ones will also have the same fate. The painting of an artist is widely appreciated by the public and lovers of art. It is natural that his painting will also get wide appreciation even if it is not as good as the previous one. The outstanding fact about success is that it can easily make success follow it.