Proverb Expansion

This is the age of competition. One cannot achieve anything bi simply sitting idle. One has to work hard and channelize his talents in the right direction through persistent effort to overcome the difficulties and to achieve his goal. In other words, one should be prepared to take risk to attain success. A person who neglects hard work and risk cannot gain anything in life. To achieve success, one has should give up many comforts and undergo many hardships. A person fired with ambition works hard while others sleep. If prophets like Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were not ready to take risk, the world would never have been lifted near to God by their great teachings. They were happy to face persecution and lose all for what they believed to be the truth. The courage of Dr.Simpson and his friends to try the effects of chloroform on themselves led to its success. From this dangerous experiment came the invention of the anaesthetic that enables surgeons to perform operation safely. Hard work, willingness to take risk and adventurous spirit will surely help a businessman. Any man who wants to win fame, wealth, power or position must be prepared to take risks. Timid, hesitating and over-caution persons will not achieve anything in life. But the daring and adventurous will succeed.