Proverb Expansion


Patriotism is the love of one’s country.  It is a great virtue.  We should love our country and be prepared to make any sacrifice for the welfare of our nation.  It is the duty of every citizen to serve his nation to the best of his ability.  Besides being citizens of our country, we are also human beings and we belong to the human race.  Just as we serve our country, we have a responsibility to work for the welfare of humanity.  Patriotism limits our loyalties to our own country and this may sometimes be harmful to the larger interests of humanity.  Human rights were denied to the colonial people during the period of colonization.  Even today, we find big powers trying to asset their supremacy over small countries in the name of patriotism and denying the basic necessities of life to the small countries.  This is false patriotism. So all the nations and national leaders of the world should see to it that the interests of humanity are not sacrificed for the sake of narrow patriotism.  We should be loyal to our country.  At the same time, we should give importance to the noble act of service to mankind as a whole.  Our nationalities may be different but ultimately we belong to one race-the human race. So it is said that patriotism is not enough.