Proverb Expansion


The proverb stresses the importance of continuous practice to learn anything.  There is no short-cut to get mastery in a trade, art or sport.  Only rigorous practice will make a person perfect in any field of activity.  Mere knowledge of a thing is not enough to acquire mastery in it.  One has to practice it to have mastery over it.  Perfection can be achieved only through practice.  We may know a rule in physics or mathematics.  But we can have perfection in the subject only when we practice similar examples again and again.  A mechanic learns his art through continuous practice.  A person working on computer, a painter, artist, a sportsman, all gain perfection through practice.  Mere theoretical knowledge of a subject is not enough for mastery in that subject.  Continuous practice using theoretical knowledge makes a man perfect in his field of activity.  A child learns things through practice.  A musician needs strenuous practice to gain perfection in music.  A sportsman gains perfection through constant practice.  Thus it can be aptly concluded that practice makes a man perfect