Proverb Expansion

He prayeth best who loveth best

All things both great and small,

For the God who loveth us

He made and loveth all.

The best prayer to God is by loving others. Man has the capacity to love and serve others. Love makes man divine. He must love all things in the universe because they are created by God. He should love even the minutest creation of God. Man should also love his brethren. Manifestation of love is the best form of prayer. One can get wisdom and bliss from God through the prayer. One can get the blessings of God when he loves the whole creation of God. When one’s heart is full of love and compassion, he can love everything that God has made, both big and small. If we do not love the creatures that God has made, praying to God is useless. Just as God loves us, He loves the universe because He has created everything. God hears the prayers of those who love and show mercy to His creation. Our expression of love of others brings us closer to God. Love to God is divine. When we pray to God has made. Only then will our prayers become meaningful. God loves all because he has made everything. Our prayer means loving everything that God has made.