Proverb Expansion


Prevention is better than cure because it is more effective, less troublesome and less costly than cure.  It is better to take precaution against the happening of a thing than to have to take remedial measures after it has caused damage.  If precaution is not taken, a slight illness might develop into a chronic disorder.  People take medicines when they are ill.  Though the person gets cured, his body gets weaker and a lot of money, time and energy is wasted.  Most diseases can be avoided by cultivating healthy habits.   Cleanliness, nutritious food, physical exercises and preventive vaccinations can keep one’s body immune to the attack of diseases.  Even if there are all kinds of medicines for all types of diseases, it is not safe to fall ill.  A disease may weaken the patient, disable him or even kill him.  Moreover, medical treatment is not free, but expensive.  A wise man takes all possible care to avoid mistakes.  It is because he knows that correcting a mistake made is not easy.  But many people do not care about this and fall victims to mistakes.  Similarly, it is always better to prevent the outbreak of a war than to try to repair the horrible destruction.  Peaceful negotiations and control of atomic weapons can prevent wars and total destruction. In the same way, we can avoid many problems in our lives by taking early precautions.   Students can avoid failure in examination by working hard and preparing well in advance.  But certain things are beyond our control.  One shouldn’t ignore the cultivation of good habits, upkeep of good health, and safety of his possessions.  Once he losses them, it may be difficult to regain them.  Thus the saying warns us against the evils of postponement.