Proverb Expansion


A man in power, a man who has influence in the society or a wealthy man will always have a number of people around him. In other words, a man who is in prosperity will have plenty of friends around him. Some of them may be his real friends whereas many others are there with him to get some favour from him. Those false friends will be with him only as long as he has wealth, power and influence. When some misfortune occurs to him, all those who had acted as his friends will desert him. Such people are selfish and are not real friends. A real friend will be with him in joys and sorrows. A real friend will not desert him even when he has lost his position, power or wealth. As a real friend, he will try to help his unfortunate friend to overcome his trouble. Thus riches and prosperity attracts friends whereas adversity drives them away. Fallen leaders and retired officers might have learned this truth. When they had power, position and influence, they were surrounded by a large number of claiming friends. Most of those claiming friends remained with them to get some privilege. When those leaders and officers lost their power and influence, the so-called friends moved to better pastures. But the real friend will be there even in times of our adversity. The real friend values the person, not his power and wealth. Such a friend’s only aim is to cultivate a good friendship. Prosperity gains friends. Only adversity can test their sincerity.