Proverb Expansion


The pen helps us to record ad convey our ideas in black and white. The sword helps us to prove our might and to rule over the less mighty. In a wider sense, the pen represents intellectual or mental force whereas the sword stands for physical force; mental power is always superior to physical power. A warrior who wields a sword is destructive force, but an author who uses a pen is a constructive force. If we go through the pages of history, we come across many warriors and writers. We admire the military feats of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Napoleon. But their achievements do not evoke a positive response in us. They do not inspire us in a way like the works of great authors. On the other hand, the great heroes of the pen – Homer, Kalidasa, Shakespeare, Milton and Tagore who gave the world new enlightenment and renaissance through their pen are remembered with adoration and worship. Their writings continue to inspire and influence people even after their death. The world is what it is today because people wrote and spoke about what is good and what is evil and what is to be removed and what is to be nourished. The great works of Rousseau and Voltaire were instrumental in causing the French Revolution. The Russians owe a deep debt of gratitude to Karl Max. The immortal verse of Byron inspired the Greeks to shake off the Turkish bondage. Holy books like the Bible and the Gita and the Koran give spiritual joy to millions of people. The power of the sword is temporary. The writings of great writers exert great influence on us and the future generations. Thus, the pen will be there to inspire us always. It feeds, affects ad nourishes the mind. It is always stronger than the sword.