Proverb Expansion


It is hard for people to accept truth. Truth is better. It is often unpleasant to speak out the truth. For example, a person does something wrong and it happens to be harmful to the society. But he does not like to be told the truth that his action is wrong. He will not accept the truth. Instead, he will try to justify his action. This is the case with all people. Sometimes, the decision of the government on certain issue may be wrong. Even if it is pointed out by the press, the leader of the government may not be ready to accept the truth. He may try to find out silly excuses to justify the decision. If someone praises us, we feel very happy. But if someone points out our mistakes, we feel annoyed. The criticism raised about us may be correct and we too know that is just. But we consider the man who criticised us as our enemy. Truth is often unpleasant. But we should learn to accept truth. Truth cannot be hidden for long. So the best thing is to accept the truth even is it is unpleasant.