English Proverbs -TRY, TRY, TRY, AGAIN

Proverb Expansion


Success does not come in the first attempt. We have to try and try until we succeed. No one has an unbroken series of successes. On the other hand, everyone has faced several failures. It is only through failures that we can succeed, and we have to try again without giving up hope. Failure is not uncommon. We should not get disappointed when we meet with failure. Every failure will have something to teach us also. Those who are aware of these facts, and act accordingly will realize that failures are the stepping stones to success. It is foolish to give up effort and weep when we fail in our attempt. Instead, we must try again. The lessons we learn from our failures will help us to do better or even succeed in later attempts. None of man’s creations has been made at the first attempt. Inventors, explorers, artists, writers and scientists did not become great through their first attempts in their respective fields. Even today, man is trying to learn more about nature, space and the universe. We hear only the story of man’s achievements in various fields. We do not know about the failures he met with, we learn that he did not let failure discourage him. Often, children may fail in the examinations or in any other attempt. They should not give up their effort then. Failures will teach them and will equip them for a better effort. The world around us is what it is today because our forefathers did not give up their attempts when they failed. So we must try and try again till we succeed.