English Proverbs -UNION IS STRENGTH

Proverb Expansion


There were four brothers who would always quarrel. One day their father called them and gave one thin stick to each other one of them to break. All of them broke easily these. The he tied four stick together and asked them to break the tied bundle. None could break the bundle. He advised them to remain united like the sticks to dominate the village.

It was because of this unity that the Guptas had a big and noble empire in the north while Chalukyas had a sway over the south. When the Indian princess disunited we were attacked by Muslim invaders from the Middle East for a thousand years. It was again because of disunity that the Britishers ruled us for more than three hundred years. It was disunity among the people that made the country weak. The motherland was divided into units India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Burma. The old Bharat has been a weak country. There are pockets of foreign interests in different states.

Labourers are generally poor. But when they unite and form trade unions they become strong. The government and the mill owners have to accept their demands. It is the unity among the players in Hockey, football Volleyball, Kabaddi, Khokho and other such games that brings victory to the team. A bit of disunity spoils the game the game of life too.