English Proverbs -UNION IS STRENGTH

Proverb Expansion


The proverb means that there is strength in unity. If we remain united, we will be able to resist the attack of our enemies and overcome our difficulties successfully. If we quarrel among ourselves, our opponents will easily conquer us. Through the story of “The Bundle of Sticks”, the old man was able to teach his quarreling sons that they should stand united if they wished to prosper. We can break a single stick easily. But we cannot break a bundle of sticks. Each stick of the bundle contributes its little strength to the whole, and all the sticks together achieve much strength. A divided family is doomed. A divided country is ruined. If there is unity among the members of a family or a nation, it cannot make any progress. Disunited, their progress is bound to retard; they are doomed to failure and ultimately they would perish. But, a united action will bring them success and honour. There are many instances in history where families and nations have been ruined on the rocks of disunity, but have progressed by united action. India was conquered and ruled by the foreigners because there was disunity. Similarly, in the past workers were exploited by their employers because they were disunited. But, owing to their united efforts, their conditions have improved steadily. In all spheres of life, union is strength, disunion is weakness. A united family, a united community, a united nation, is strong, but when disunited and quarreling, they are all weak.