English Proverbs – WASTE NOT, WANT NOT

Proverb Expansion


Nature has provided everything that man needs for his existence. He is to use them carefully and prudently. If he wastes the gifts of nature, he and the future generations will suffer. There are many renewable and non-renewable resources in nature. Resources like coal, petroleum and minerals are non-renewable. Man has to use them prudently and scientifically. Unwise use of resources may reduce the living standard of the future generations. If the present available resources are used prudently, the future generations will not have to search for new sources of energy. In the same way, we should be careful in spending our money and using our resources. If we spend our money carefully, we will not have shortage of it. We will be then able to get all the necessities of life. Those who do not waste will not be in want. We see around us so many persons who were very rich once, but are now poor and miserable. They have reached such a stage through their extravagance. They spent more money than was needed. In other words, they wasted their money without thinking of the consequences. Time, health, money and opportunities are not to be wasted. If they are wasted, we will not have enough of them again. If we make wise use of our money, resources, time, energy and health, we can make use of them in future also and thus we will not be in want of them.