Proverb Expansion


Beginnings are always difficult and so a good beginning is very important. It is a fact that when we start any task in a good manner, it reaches its heights successfully. A good start in anything is important for its successful completion. A bad beginning will have an adverse effect on the progress of the work. It may cause delay in the execution of the work. Sometimes, we may have to undo what we have done till then. This causes waste of time, money and energy. We have to make the best use of time and energy. A good and smooth start will surely lead to the progress of the work. We should also try to avoid any mistakes that might occur. The progress and completion of a project depend on a good start. If a person begins his business after taking sufficient preparations, half of his task is done. But if a person opens a shop in a hurry and without sufficient capital and preparation, he will not succeed. The customers who visit the shop do not get enough selections and as a result, the shop will have a bad name from the beginning. It is very important to make a good start in a race. So athletes pay much attention to make a good start in races. They train themselves for a good start because it determines victory in a race. Giving up a bad habit and forming a good habit is always difficult. But once a good beginning is made, it becomes easier. Anything that is well begun can be considered as half done.