Proverb Expansion


‘Will’ means not the ordinary desire but an unflinching, undaunting wish to achieve something. If you have a will to achieve your goal, you will positively overcome the difficulties that come in your way. Every problem has its solution.

Whatever, inventions are seen today were a problem one day, but the will and hard work of the inventor found their solution. Impossible is possible for the persons of strong will. Path of success runs through many labyrinths of failures. One, who has a will to achieve success, never gets frustrated by the odds and failures of the path. Every successful man fails many times but with unshaken faith and strong will, he becomes successful one day. Think high, try your best, without being daunted by the odds of the path, and success is yours.

One can certainly win and achieve one’s goal, if one firmly believes in self and makes up one’s mind to lead and succeed. The secret of success lies in the determination, dedication, and perseverance of a man. A man who strides majestically with firm steps and unshaken faith, no matter what the odds and obstacles, is the man who actually finds his way and achieves success.

It is the unwavering faith and self-confidence that makes the man a winner. Faith brings miracles. It looks beyond all boundaries, transcends all limitations, conquers all obstacles and carries one to one’s goal. Therefore, whosoever has resolution, indefatigable ‘will’ unfettered confidence and faith in him will march ahead, onward, upward till the goal is achieved.

To win, you have to be optimistic. Optimism keeps your hope and determination alive. It makes you think positively. If you have courage and ‘will’, patience and perseverance, you will invariably win. Have faith, repose confidence and begin the work here and now. Chart out your plan, mobilize your resources, get going and keep moving ahead. Be resolute; do not stop, till the goal is reached. Be certain that each day you cover and advance some distance and make some progress even if slow, but ensure it remains steady. You are bound to face obstacles any route to success, but with courage and strong ‘will’ you can overcome all of them.

Indian freedom fighters fought with the mighty British, sacrificed their luxuries, sacrificed their lives but were never deterred by these odds. It was their indomitable will that India could attain the freedom. Positive thinking, self confidence, hard work and dedication towards the aim, makes a man successful.

One step at a time and that well placed will take you to the grandest height. One seed at a time and the forest grows one stone at a time and the palace rises, one drop at a time and the river flows, one word at a time and the great book is written.

The only thing is to start with firm determination, strong and unfettered ‘will’ and the way is yours .So it is rightly said, ” Where there is a will there is a way”.