English Proverbs -WORK IS WORSHIP

Proverb Expansion


Any deed that does not hurt another person, and is aimed at the well-being of others, is equal to prayer. Such a deed will bring happiness and satisfaction to the doer and the receiver. Worship does not merely mean spending long hour in prayer and meditation. Any noble work that makes others happy is worship. A man who spends much of his time in prayer may not be willing to help others. He may be of the opinion that worship is spending time with God only. But a selfless man who works sincerely for others is also worshipping God. His work itself is worship. People often find it easy to advise others to do a thing. But, often, they don’t practice what they preach. People who are in authority exhort people to be patriotic, oppose corruption and avoid violence. But, these same people fall victims of corruption and their activities are not nation-oriented. So doing good deeds is certainly better than talking about good deeds. Doing service to humanity is equivalent to worshipping God. Gandhiji was really a man of action. To him, serving God was serving his fellowmen. Mother Teresa finds fulfillment in serving others. These noble souls worshipped God through serving others. Taking care of an orphan, wiping out the tears of the sad, giving a helping hand to the weak, and comforting the sick, are equal to worship. The tiller of the soil who works under the burning sun and the man who toils in a mine worship God through their work. The proverb also emphasizes the importance of doing work sincerely. Only hard work can bring progress and prosperity to a family or to a nation.