It seems the long awaited moment is coming closer and closer. The fascination of entering the twenty first century is so great that people have started packing their luggage to enter a century which has many promises for the world. The twentieth century was an age of scientific developments. What would be the twenty first? The demons of scientific ammunitions are all around us. A renowned astrologer made a prophecy long back that our planet will have another world war in 1994, six years before the advent of the 21st century. If the prophecy had been correct it would have been the most disastrous one. There might have been a display of fire works with nuclear bombs. It might have engulfed the whole world. The few who might have been saved from this genocide might have entered the new century with human skeletons on their shoulders. Thanks God the prophecy turned wrong. But it may be considered a warning to the big powers who have amassed chemical and nuclear arsenal.

As is calculated by the WHO 50 crores illiterate people would enter the 21st century in India. Most of them would be in the rural areas. If there is a war most of the casualties will be in cities and towns. Most of the urban people are educated. After these well read people perish most of the people crossing to the new century would be illiterate and ignorant. They would be in majority. Would they rule the world? Then the world from modem standards will go centuries back.

Let us wish there is no war. Then the new century would be a century of sophisticated implements. The dream of Brave New World may come true. Put on the switch—you have scent, liquid soap, shampoo, wine and a number of things. Women may stop begetting children. There may be a factory for them too. One has not to wait for nine months. If the nation wants scholars the factory may produce a full batch within three months. We may have a batch of scavengers or warriors or mechanics. Cloning is coming up but the society may be totally permissive. When men would create men in factories God will be eliminated. Religion and morality will vanish. At least I have no fancy for this sophisticated society nor have I for the rule of ignorant. Let me wish we enter a century which has prospects for peace and tranquility.